GLOBE testimonials

GLOBE is a new program, but the material is well proven. The concept of GLOBE came from Pastor David Cartledge’s experience when he took World Harvest Institute courses with us some years ago. He met with me afterwards and said "Kev, our pastors need key concepts taught in this course. But added with the other material that missionaries need, it is of course too long for pastors. Can you package the key concepts for pastors into a shorter seminar?"

Using that inspiration, but with GLOBE in mind, we developed the STINT course, still for people going to the field. And now, with further refinements just for pastors, the GLOBE seminar is available.

The following testimonials from pastors who have attended the STINT course will help you to see how beneficial the GLOBE seminar can be for you:

Calling this a missions course is a misnomer. It is a course on what it means to be a disciple and how to do it. This is essential for every Christian, missions orientated or not. I am now better equipped to make disciples. I would recommend this course to all pastors and anyone who is interested in missions of any type.

STINT is more than a training course for missions. It has application for any local church. The cultural teaching has great relevance for people in our street from overseas. The teaching is very balanced and a clear path laid out for how to reach people of other cultures. I would recommend this course to all emerging leaders. The training would be invaluable. It should be promoted at district level with the aim to reach migrant people in that area for Christ.

The single most motivating seminar that I have attended. As a pastor the harvest is my number one passion but after attending the course – even if I never go overseas – I am hugely better equipped and enthused to push on harder. I would recommend this course to all pastors and any other cross-cultural workers.

Although a Senior Pastor, I was informed, inspired & stretched by a high quality seminar. Thank you.

STINT is a mind expanding and heart inspiring intensive course. Anyone interested in discovering more about missions or missionary service should do this course.

Stint has been such a wonderfully practical course for me. I have learnt much about cultural sensitivity, cross cultural communication, sending teams and powerful principles that have been reinforced by the Word of God. I have learnt much from Kevin & Glenys’ own experiences from the mission field. Thank you so much.

STINT will help you to take the basic steps to move out and be involved in another world it will save you hours, weeks and months of frustration and discouragement when doing missions. It is an absolute must for anyone who wants to honestly that obey Jesus last command.


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