Thank you ... insightful teaching and life impartation

'Thank you once again for you and your teamís insightful teaching and training on this course and also your life impartation experiences.† This program has helped me tremendously in my understanding of Evangelism and Missions.† (As I go) I can see that what I have learnt from this Mission program will certainly helps me in being more effective in the work of missions' Nick.

Opportunity of a lifetime ... for my life

'The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity' is a one-liner I heard at World Harvest Institute and have used it to encourage and inspire many since. The eight weeks I spent at World Harvest Institute was the lifetime of the opportunity that gave me the opportunity of my life to serve God and others' Vaughn.

One of the most enlightening and rewarding times of our lives

World Harvest Institute has been one of the most enlightening and rewarding times of our lives! The teaching was professional, stimulating and well planned. We were stretched in a number of areas: long class hours, hundreds and hundreds of pages of reading, papers to write, language learning and a range of other experiences. In other words, perfect training for the life to follow which for many of us will be our life's calling!

But the real stretching came at looking at ourselves and our worldview: how we look at things with cultural glasses and think that only we have perfect vision. At World Harvest Institute we were repeatedly challenged to step out of our shoes and step into another cultural situation and try to see from its point of view.

Kevin Hovey, the World Harvest Institute director, told us that attending World Harvest Institute could give us back five years of our lives. The meaning was this: many people on the missionary field discovered that they were not really effective until they had been on the field for seven years. The reasons ranged from language learning, culture stress, to learning about themselves. By attending World Harvest Institute, we could learn in our home country information that would have taken up to five years to discover on the field, thus leaving us with only two years to become effective.

We will now be going out as missionaries knowing that we will be facing adjustment problems, knowing that we will suffer from culture stress, knowing that we will probably be misunderstood on numerous occasions. At least we will know it's normal, and know its root cause is cross-cultural adjustments, not insanity or a backslidden condition!

I would highly recommend World Harvest Institute to every person who desires to work cross-culturally (whether short or long-term). I believe that missions' committee members, senior pastors, and others who take world evangelism seriously should attend World Harvest Institute. And when I say world evangelism, I'm including the cross-cultural world on our doorstep!


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