We wholeheartedly thank you

For your wealth of experience and encouragement, along with the database of knowledge you've shared with us to help us be more successful missionaries, we wholeheartedly thank you.

Rebecca and Craig, World Harvest Institute

Crucial for cross cultural work

This training was great. I didnít even know that I didn't know this stuff, yet the content of the lectures is SO crucial. I can see how these lessons will make me so much more effective in understanding how (and how not) to work cross culturally.

Richard, STINT

Insightful, amazing

I strongly urge you to take advantage of the inspirational, motivational, rich teaching and experience ... You will never sit under more insightful and experienced ministry.

I would recommend this course to everyone. I have never in my life wanted to run and get all my friends and family and implore them to come with me and sit at the feet of this amazing and exciting ministry.

Christine, STINT


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