World Harvest Institute FAQs
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1 Why should I consider World Harvest Institute?
2 Is World Harvest Institute value for money?
3 Tell me about the World Harvest Institute team
4 What subjects will I study at World Harvest Institute
5 What's the daily schedule?
6 Can I do it in shorter blocks?
7 Why do mission organizations require World Harvest Institute?
8 Can I get Bible College credit?
9 Is World Harvest Institute offered in different locations?
11 What are the class sizes?
12 How often does the course run?
13 Is accommodation available?
14 Is childcare available?
15 How do I get to the campus?
16 How long is the course?
17 How do I register?
18 What is the closing date for registration?
19 What do I need to bring?
20 What are the course fees?
21 Are scholarships available?
22 How do I pay?
23 Can I get a discount?
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