GLOBE Seminar

A three day seminar to equip leaders for great commission focused missions.

GLOBE Seminar is for Pastors and Missions Directors, and key church members.

The rising missions passion in Australian churches increases the need for Pastors and Missions Directors to understand key missions concepts to lead their churches as they strategically accept the global challenge.

The GLOBE Seminar equips for this role.


Topics will include Biblical insights about the priority and strategy of missions that is often not understood well. It also covers insights into core cultural issues that almost universally delay the fulfillment of the great commission when not taken into consideration. These core issues when corrected, enhance our ability to reach out to the people of other cultures that God has brought to our communities. A by-product of the interaction in these key areas will be an understanding of our own culture and how to get past it for long-term effectiveness in global ministry, especially to those people groups most isolated from the Gospel.


As a result of attending this seminar you will not only find that your knowledge about missions increases, but your passion for lost people in your own community and around the world will be enhanced as well. The combination of further developed knowledge and passion will give you a confidence to lead your church in missions that will prove contagious. Knowing that the great commission is not just a great preaching text, but is in fact a command that is possible to fulfill is, in itself, life changing.

How can you fit the GLOBE Seminar into your busy program?

There is a practical benefit as well as the globally impacting strategic benefits. That is, the range of Biblical material presented will definitely shorten your preparation time for your Global Impact Sundays for some time to come.


Another benefit of attending this program is that it may be possible for you to use it for credit in study programs you are involved in. So by doing this program, you'd save time on other subjects.

Talk to us about options that we are aware of.

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