This is the standard World Harvest Institute timetable, although times may vary for your particular course.

Week 1

A. Anthropological Insights for Missionaries
B. Missionary Life [Family and Stress]
Personal Develpment Workshop - What and Why of Missions

Week 2

A.1 Historical Insights for Missions
A.2 Mission Structures
B. Cross Cultural Communication
Personal Development Workshop - Study Methods

Week 3

A. Animism and Mission
B. Language Learning
Personal Development Workshop - Personal Timelines

Week 4

A. Signs and Wonders Cross Culturally
B.1 Administrating your ministry
B.2 Interpersonal Relationships
Personal Development Workshop - Spirituality for the Long Haul 

Week 5

A. World Religions
B. Missionary Strategy
Personal Development Workshop - Tools for cross cultural ministry

Week 6

A. Cross Cultural Church Planting
B. Leadership Selection and Development
Personal Development Workshop - Home Leave Already

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