Here are some links we have found useful.

Mission sites & sites of interest

ACC International - The missions expression of the Australian Christian Churches (AOG) movement

Lausanne Movement and World Pulse Newsletter - free subscription available

MisLinks - A fantastic web based missions directory

US Centre for World Mission - includes downloadable journals - Mission Frontiers, etc.

William Carey Library - Amazing on-line missions bookstore

Missions Interlink - Australian Evangelical Alliance missions network

Global Missiology Journal - A free online journal of key mission related articles

The Network for Strategic Missions

Brigada - a repository of e-resources that can be subscribed to as a e-newsletter

Global Mapping International

Global Recordings Network

Summer Institute of Linguistics - Links to Ethnologue language information

Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions - use for your next Short Term Mission Team preparation

World Christian Resource Directory - and they are not joking!

AIMS - Assoc. of Intl. Mission Services

Unreached peoples information

Joshua Project - Information, maps, and PowerPoints

Adopt a People Group

Network for Strategic Ministries

Mission Frontiers

US Center for World Mission

Kids' links

The Missionary Game

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