Shaped my philosophy of missions

World Harvest Institute (WHI) has really helped shaped my worldview and philosophy of missions.  If there is only one course you can take for missions, WHI is it! It has not only helped shaped my thinking but has forced me to ask the hard questions in the way I myself do missions.  WHI has given me the tools by exposing me to other models and what really helped was the way the lecturer taught us to think through each case.  The lecturing team was experienced, well-read and what I really enjoyed was his real-life examples that really brought out the points.


Brings pragmatic to seminary training

As I'm about to graduate from my postgraduate studies, I observe that selected courses offered in most Bible schools tend to be narrow and academic. World Harvest Institute (WHI) brings to seminary training an entirely different and pragmatic dimension which I find and feel better equipped to fulfill the great commission.

Lek Yan

Keeping me a healthy missionary

I attended the eight week World Harvest Institute (WHI) programme before going to serve in semi-rural Cambodia for three years. In hindsight I have found WHI has been a crucial part of my preparation giving me much valuable insight into the challenges and rewards of serving in an overseas missions capacity. 

Most helpful to me was guidance in keeping spiritually healthy as a missionary, by having right attitudes in adjusting to the new environment, language and culture.  WHI informed me with the right 'maxims' to approach cross cultural situations so that I could function with grace, and a heart willing to learn, and also, to find my place among the people there without the friction that would be damaging to myself and the people I wanted to serve.
WHI helped me with keys to smooth the transition into life in another society via systematic language acquisition and understanding the differences of assumptions that cultures have through that process.  This has helped enormously to quickly establish rewarding and fruitful relationships with local people and has enhanced every other aspect of my ministry involvement developing local leaders.

Kevin and Glenys' experience and insights are a treasure trove for those with a heart for missions whether at home or abroad.


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