STINT: Short Term Intercultural Nationwide Training

Are you planning on cross cultural ministry and missions involvement of up to one year?

Are you ministering to another culture?

Are you ministering to migrants?

Are you ministering to indigenous communities?

If you are involved in any sort of short term cross cultural ministry, then STINT is for you.

Detailed information and answers to many other questions are provided in the FAQ section.

The STINT programme, designed for those going to the field for up to a year, is rapidly becoming recognised as the key resource for people and churches planning to invest in short term missions. STINT fills the gap between the longer training courses needed for long term missionaries, and the 'no training at all' option. It is perfect for the short term worker. Even people planning on a few weeks ministry trip in another country will gain valuable insights while those planning on longer stays should consider it a must.

In one week, participants gain tools that could take years to acquire from sad experience these can really make the difference between an effective and satisfying, or a disappointing and frustrating short term mission venture.

Mission organisations are recognising the tremendous potential of Short Term mission ventures potential for great benefit or great hurt, both for the participants and those in the host nation. But the difference between success and disaster is often a simple matter of appropriate training.

In the words of one Missionary leader, "Everyone possible should go but no one should go without training yet no one should be forced to undergo more training than they need for their immediate mission!" STINT uniquely meets this need for those going for up to a year.

For more information, including registration procedures, click here to access the Alphacrucis College website

Unable to attend a course? STINT is now offered as aDistance Package for individual users. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information. Group packages are also available.

This course is recognized and acclaimed by ACC World Missions, under whose auspices it was originally developed.

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