Because Australia is now so culturally diverse

Although we had spent 11 years in overseas missionary service and seven years pastoring in Australia, my husband and I decided that doing the World Harvest Institute course would help prepare us to serve again as missionaries.

The lecturers at World Harvest Institute are of very high standard, having not only studied, but also experienced first-hand many of the concepts and strategies taught there. It has helped us personally to focus more clearly on God's individual plans for our part in the world harvest of souls.

Because Australia is now so culturally diverse we could also see the benefit this course would be to all Australian pastors and especially those planning to be involved in cross-cultural ministry. In fact, we would go so far as to say that every Christian would benefit enormously from this course as they will be in contact with people of other nationalities and cultures at some time, even here in Australia.

Although it was a very intense course, our time at World Harvest Institute was a great experience.


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