Does STINT provide value for money?

The value for money component can best be described in the word of some recent participants:

I have appreciated the many insights presented, especially in the cultural and language acquisition areas. A great course! Should be compulsory for all Christians. Neville

Calling this a missions course is a misnomer. It is a course on what it means to be a disciple and how to do it. This is essential for every Christian, missions orientated or not. I am now better equipped to make disciples. I would recommend this course to all pastors and anyone who is interested in missions of any type. Martin

I strongly urge you to take advantage of the inspirational, motivational, rich teaching and experience of the ministry of ... Kevin Hovey and the team. You will never sit under more insightful and experienced ministry. I would recommend this course to everyone. I have never in my life wanted to run and get all my friends and family and implore them to come with me and sit at the feet of this AMAZING and EXCITING ministry. I feel truly honoured and proud to have being a part of this course. Christine

But the real value for money is the massive quality experience you will tap in to - experience that can make the difference between a successful or a disastrous short term mission experience!

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